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10 Sep 2015
Not unusual for expectant women to possess problems in sleeping. Insomnia in pregnant women is because of numerous factors like anxiety and excitement. As a possible mother you are excited with the baby's arrival and as a result you can find high chances that you're going to lack sleep through the night. ibu hamil susah tidur

It is usually common for a woman to be affected by insomnia as a result of stress. Rise common if you have just learnt you are pregnant. Pregnancy takes a large amount of planning and conceiving without planning can often give you you creating a lot of stress.

Stress could also visit first-time mothers who will be unclear about the way they will handle their soon-to-be born baby.

Deficiency of comfort is another reason why women experience insomnia. Your enlarging abdomen could make you uncomfortable thus prevent you from sleeping. A sluggish digestion been specifically shown to bring about insomnia. susah tidur saat hamil muda

The best way to treat the condition

There are a variety of ways of treating the trouble. One of the ways is utilizing drugs and the most frequent drugs which can be used are: Ambien, Lunesta, and Sonata.

Amazing treating the trouble is exercising. Since pregnancy insomnia is caused by a sluggish gastrointestinal tract or aching legs, you should look at doing gentle exercises as a way to improve the rate of digestion. Exercises will also help you in shedding fat thus you'll not be too fat.

Alter your room. In case you visit your bedroom so you take more than Half an hour before you decide to sleep, you ought to wake and proceed to another room. As an example, you need to go to your lounge and browse a novel or possibly a book. After you feel sleepy, you need to go back to bed and sleep.

Avoid hard-to-digest foods. You need to avoid eating hard-to-digest foods during supper. It is because as a result you uncomfortable thus use a difficult time sleeping.

It's also advisable to avoid taking liquids during the last hour of bedtime. This really is to stop awakening throughout the night in order to go to the bathroom.


This is exactly what you must know about pregnancy insomnia. You should be careful when using insomnia medications.

It is because there are a few medications which might be linked to congenital conditions including cleft palate and cleft lip. To be on the safe side you should just be sure you consult your doctor before you take the drugs.


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